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Smoothie Recipe. 

So good evening everybody!  I promised earlier to share a smoothie recipe. I actually tried a new one this morning. I saw it in a magazine when i was flying home from London the other day. It has Pineapple in which burns fat, they say if you just eat pineapple for two days you loose two kilos. What I think is really good with this fruit is that it gains bone support and of course has a lot of vitamin C witch is a perfect Infection fighter. they also say it has capabilities to fight cancer and so does the second vegetable in my smoothie, Cucumber. A fun fact about cucumber is that it helps freshen your breath haha something I learnt in school that i still remember. Then I had  red apples in couse I prefer red, but to this smoothie it should have green apples. Their so sweet, it needs a little sour taste to it. Start blending it all together with some ice cubes and then you got a good healthy smoothie that your body will love!

I'm going to start drinking smoothies and Juices everyday and I will let you know how my body changes. Do you guys have any good recipes?


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