1. Shorts HERE  || 2. CK top HERE || 3. Nail polish HERE || 4. Coffee mug  HERE || 5. Nike shoes HERE || 6. Fluffy Pillows HERE 


1. CK Boxers HERE || 2. After shave HERE || 3. Chair HERE || 4. LA hat HERE || 5. Nike socks HERE || 6. Shaver HERE 

Sundays in January!

Ohh hi favourite day in the week!! No washed hair, still in bed with my pjs and looking series all day. I actually do a lot of work on a Sunday to make my Monday more easy;) Cos I think Monday overall is just a boring day! I usually write everything on a list that I need to do in the following week to reach that point were I want to be in my life. Even if it's just three things some times haha, I try to find things to make my list longer and that is want makes me going. Anyways first time i've done a collage for men. What do you think? Maybe its your boyfriends birthday soon? or maybe I have some readers that are guys?!





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