I love that luxury feeling to your home. I'm not an expert but I do believe where ever you live you want to feel at home. Even if you know that you are going to move at some point, it's still very important to live in the moment.

Curtains- Long curtains that starts a little bit over your window and follows all the way down to the floor. That makes your windows look bigger and gets a warmer feeling.

Bed headboard- We always see these in luxury magazines and in celebrities home. The fact is that you can even make it yourself for a low cost.

Fresh flowers -  It gives a nice smell to your home but also a fresh impression. "Fresh flowers gives a fresh home" - like my neighbour always said. Same with green plants they are also a perfect thing to fill up an empty space.

Cookies- Everyone loves to have a little snack now and then. I always have a glas vase filled with sweeties but cookies are also a big plus. Gives a more welcoming feeling in to your home and also that you are aware of  "sugar makes you happy" haha;)

Candles - Big candles and glas vases are a classic. Even if you don't light them its a perfect decoration for on the table or even on the floor.

Towels - New washed towels is a must! Specially in white, it just gives me this hotel feeling. Who doesn't like a new towel laying on the bed before a shower?;)

Pillows- What ever sofa you have, ugly , fat , small or even if u just have a chair? Fill it with loads of pillows. Even nicer if they are different sizes and materials. For those of you who have seen my pictures on Instagram of my bedroom knows I'm a big fan of pillows!

Carpet- No one wants to walk on a cold floor? Plus you can add one more nice color to your home!

Little stool - Always a good solution for your bedroom or living room to get that luxury feeling to it. I think it's the small legs that makes it look glamorous.

Of course everyone like pets <3 A real home is filled with love <3

I don't have pets but they are definitely the next thing on my list!


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