"The only way is Essex"

Here are the rest of the pictures from last nights party. Loads of group photos, how nice! Enjoy it better then just stand by yourself and pose haha! Well well not the best quality, I blame it on the light;) Do some of you recognise the guys from TOWIE? The whole cast was there, It was a party so I kinda forgot about the camera lol. Anyway it's so late, I should be in bed by now. It was a long day today with meetings. I have something really exciting going on tomorrow and I can't wait to tell you all. Anyway sorry if I have any miss spellings, it feels like I'm writing in my sleep.. ZzZz!

Goodnight you all !!



När man tror att man ska på en riktig fest men hamnar på en låtsas. - Nikilina Forsén

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