Puuh dringdringdringdring!! That was going through my head this morning when my alarm went off at eight a clock. I always put it two hours before I actually need to go up. Is that weird? haha. For some reason I have always had this habit. Why I needed to put the alarm on was because I got some questions about the big cardigan I have been wearing (Instagram).  So I thought I could take some closeups with it before I'm off to a halloween fright night. Yeah you heard me! It's going to be crazy and I don't know what to expect anymore because everyone is talking about it here in Holland. Trust me,it will be worth following me on snapchat (katyamorrissey) haha!!

Yesterday we spent our day in the city Eindhoven. It's Just thirty minutes from the village Oss where we are staying. I better go and get this outfit post done so I can start preparing myself for tonight!


Spenderade dagen I staden Eindhoven igår. Det ligger cirka trettio minuter ifrån Lilla byn Oss, där vi bor just nu. Håll utkik här på bloggen underdagen. Kommer lite  närbilder av den stora koftan som jag har fått frågor om.

I kväll är planen att fira Halloween på ett Holländskt sätt. Ni kommer att få se många kända ansikten. Det kommer att bli värt att följa mig på Snapchat (katyamorrissey) under dagen haha! 


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