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Monday thoughts!  

Hope you all have had a good start of you week. It's been a nice day but really windy the whole evening. One thing I have really been reflecting on today is why children often gets brought in to grown up problems. Im not saying everyone but I have heard that in many families it happens, including mine. Children know so much more then what you think they do and the scary thing is they remember things from a very young age. Maybe they will mix up places and names but they will for sure remember the big picture. Children should be children, they shouldn't be investigators or try to be the bigger person. Children have a really good sense of people, you don't have to tell them that "Uncle ben is a very ignorant man"  for example, they will eventually find out them selfs and make there on mind up. The only thing a child wants is love, support and family to be together. I know, it doesn't always work that way but why start hating on each other? making the child pick a side? Your not just making yourself sick by doing it, your even making your children sick. I don't know if I'm ready to share my story but one day I will. The only thing I wanted to say is please take care of each other. Think of your children's future. Don't let them grow up to fast and don't ignore the problems.

In the picture above is me with one of my little sisters Angelina, she also lives here in Spain. I love our quality time together and wouldn't change it for anything. Even if it's not very often. Sisters will always be sisters including my other five <3



Kära Katya! Du har så rätt, blir rörd när jag läser det. Kram!


Väldigt kloka ord.

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