Filled peppers!

Oh sunday sunday sunday, That is a real chill day!  Yesterday night I made these filled paprikas and we had so much over so we ate it today aswell! This is definitely a new favourite. I've done it before with chicken. It's so easy to make. Put the oven on 200 degrees and in with the pepper for ten minutes. Then Just do your bolognese how you like it, then Put it in the peppers with some feta cheese and spread some cheddar cheese on the top. In with them in the oven again until the cheeses is melted. YUM! Funny enough I never follow recipes, I just find my ideas and inspiration online or in cook books. It's like my new hobby I think? haha.

Now I'm going to see a film with popcorn in bed. Have a lovely night you all!!

By the way ~ Happy fathers day to all the daddies out there , I wish I had one:(


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Åh så gott! Ska testa det!


Mmm... Yummi

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