HAHA ok.. so I think I need to explain some of these pictures. The one where i take a bite from the cinnamon roll was an idea from my man. We experimented a little bit, does it make you feel like you want to eat one aswell?!? If not then we failed haha!!  The three last ones are some things that I got. I know i said yesterday that I was going to show you all of my stuff, but how do you photograph a mirror without being in it yourself haha? I need a little more practice. I mean look at the picture were I photographed the two towels I got? yeah yeah, practice practice and I will finally make it! The second last picture I got the small stones, candles and the silver plate! The other thing that I photographed I'm not going to put up, lets just keep it there!

Now I'm off to fix my nail that has broke as you can see. Speak to you guys later!



Ja Ikea har nästan allt till och med köttbullar o pytt!

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