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1. Saint Laurent bag || 2.  Rebecca Minkoff bag || 3.  Chanel eyeshadow  || 4. Chanel Glow Colour N30 ||  5. Chanel powder blush
||6. LOréal Paris Mascara  ||
7. Boohoo Jogger set  || 8. H&M Pyjamas  || 9. J.Crew Belt ||  10. Leather Grey Belt    || 11. Mini make-up bag  || 12. Fur keyring 

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Good Morning Sunshines! 

Had a little stressy day yesterday plus I had a really bad headache so I thought I would have a break from the computer. But now I'm back! I have a really good Christmas feeling at the moment so I did a little wish list for santa haha! Lets See how good i've been this year;) As you can see my new favourite colour is blue at the moment and two days ago it was green. Well well I think the older I get the bigger wish list. This is the fashion list, then you have the "home list", like a new kitchen and then you have the " have to have list" which is a new car and so on. Hahah no, just kidding around. I do hope you get a little bit inspired for the christmas though.

Later on today i will tell you were I'm going to spend my Christmas and New Years!!



Tack för tipsen fina du!


Vilken är billigast?

Mr X

Jag vill hellre veta vilken som är dyrast.... ;-)


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