YES! Nikki Beach they have there opening party tonight and i can guarantee that everyone is there. Its one of the hottest parties here on the coast and i had a ticket to go but nooo, tonight i felt for ice-cream and just my coach! haha. But now i kind of regret it.. haha always the same with me. But hey Nikki beach is going to have loads of these partys in the summer so i will be there .... ;)

And my meeting yesterday went very well, so its going to happen a lot with the blog in the future. I'm having some really good ideas, nothing i can say yet but you will all found out very soon! xx

(Picture taking from Nikkibeach.com 2014)

Vad härligt med en sådan stor festlighet .


Så rolig för dig att mötet gick bra Lycka till! Kram!

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