.. Just my kind of party! Champagne papi (Very close man to the family, he's like the father i never had) and my mother are already spoiling me to bits but i like it haha. I'm a big fan of shell fish and i eat everything, Lobster is my favourite though... and champagne!;) Its not only the taste of the shell fish that i like, its the fact that you sit and eat it for hours, no stress. You would not believe me when i say how long we sat there, 15.30 - 23.00 haha unbelievable. But i think that is a very good sign, thats why i think they deserve a 10/10. The restaurant is called 'Havsbryggan' and is located in a village called Höllviken right on the beach. Top service and this is something that was needed in this village. Shame i didn't take pictures from inside of the restaurant, it was an incredible view and you could see Copenhagen, but it will not be the first time we go there! The only one We were missing was my beautiful little sissy.

But Today I'm going in to the City "Malmo" to see Natassja (sissy) and my friends. Hope you all enjoy your day x


Vilka gottegrisar hoppas det smakade bra.


Mmmm. ser verkligen gott ut :)


vilka gottegrisar ni är.
Well deserved :-)

Svar: Visst är vi! :D

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