imageimageimageimageimageimage Ohhh I've had a nice little nap for a couple of hours, I had to go to the aireport at five in the morning and I could not sleep! Haha I get so exited when I'm going somewhere, it doesn't matter were.. I just love traveling. Can you guys guess we're i'am ?

The pictures have nothing to do with it, they are from two days ago when we celebrated San Juan in San Pedro. It's a tradition here in Spain were thousands of people gather together along the beach and at 00.00 you jump in the sea... Right? Haha I don't really know why you celebrate San Juan, I have to google that one!

I will updated a little later were i'am if you haven't guessed it ;)

Vilken härlig San Juan fest , det är väl Sangria i glasen. Gott!

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