Heeejsan as we say in Sweden! Yes You read it right, I'm in Sweden. I've been here for a few days already now.
Why I havent told You guys here on the blog is because I had a few people I wanted to surprise.

As many Of Us know, is that the Swedish summer can change from day to day. Like this Friday it was around eighteen degrees with sun all day and yesterday it was raining. You can imagine how confused You get when you're are packing for a couple of weeks. My mom has had very fun about my clothes choices. So I thought I would share it with you....

Flipfloos + fur ;)


Hej gumman! Det var verkligen trevligt att se dig här igen. Du kom ju med solen och de har lovat varmare väder också. Hade du med det varma vädret också? I så fall ber vi dig återkomma oftare.


En riktig nice överraskning. Snygg du är med flipfloss o pälskrage. Ha Ha!


Välkommen till Sverige, hoppas vi ses!

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