" Five days with Five meals "
mmm .. a typical night when you don't know what to cook, Sushi would always be a good choice. These are my favourite rolls!! I nearly always order the same things haha...
This is in a restaurant called "Japanese Tepanyaki"  in Torrequebrada.
Frech goat cheese salad in an Italian restaurant in Puerto banus.

Then of course Da Bruno! This is a restaurant for every taste. I've done a post just about this restaurant a few weeks ago.  The only mistake i made yesterday was ordering a salad haha, and i made that mistake twice now.  The salad was ok but the feeling looking on your partners pizza .. made me regret my decision.
A good tip to you all.. never order a salad in a Italian restaurant or a fish restaurant!!

Mister Noodles!! I feel so sorry for Sweden that we don't have this place there. It's so many here in the coast and every single one of them is always busy. My personal favourite is the one in Puerto Banus and favourite dish is the mixed salad, but also the noodles with beef;) Quick and very good food, especially on a Sunday!


Teppanyaki in La cala is very good! Not only the food but the show and for the pictures ( if you have a good camera koffkoff* ) haha . They make the food in front of you, it just looks so good and when you taste it your never disappointed. Definitely one of my favourite dishes.....  IMG_8182
Especially when you can have lovely Sushi also haha!


and the famous pancake with ice cream dessert! It's really an experience to eat and you can't be in a hurry ! I will make another post on just Teppanyaki, they have so many cool dishes!

Anyway i love food ! I would say we spend more money on food the anything else. Expecially here in Spain because they have so many choices !!  Late at night when its too hot we normally go for something to eat. Its so relaxing and i see it as a bonding time with my man. Obviously this can't go on much longer cause its not economic to eat out and definitely not healthy. I do cook a lot as well, but I'm not ready yet to show pictures of that haha! Besides from eating i've been busy with my new project that is coming up very soon so stay tuned for that. I also have an event to go to on Thursday which I'm looking forward sharing with you guys xx







Jaha när blir man bjuden på detta?


Så härligt ! Det ser sååå gott ut!


Gott, Gott! Kommer som ett skott!

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