HELLO!! Ohhh im still tired!! I'm sorry I haven't been blogging these last few days, it's been so hectic with all the birthdays and friends around but also a lot of fun ;) the longest celebration though haha. First me then my little sis and then we had a little birthday surprise for my man the night before at astral bar In Puerto Banus. Got the waiters to come in 00.00 with a strawberry cake singing happy birthday with lots of candles in it! Then we went for a night out and got a table in a club called Seven,also on the port. the morning after he got breakfast in bed with all of the balloons hanging in the ceiling, and it was a photo of me and him hanging down on each one, so romantic haha. he loved it! Anyways I have been really bad with my camera, but maybe the pictures above gives you a little tiny idea on how we celebrate birthdays ;) Hope everything is alright with u guys. Tonight is the last night for my little sister, so maybe we will go out for the last night haha... Heeeelp! Talk to u later xx

Det här är verkligen celebration!


Sååå mysigt!


Vad är det för något gott rött i glasen? ser läskande ut!

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