This is my favourite kombo of colours, white with blue details, LOVE IT! It's something i will never get sick of wearing. But of course it is better with a little bit of tan.

So lets talk about my Moschino bag, my favourite right now and has been since a bought it about a year ago in the shop in Puerto Banus. Now i want the white one haha! This is my favourite model in Moschino bags. If you would ask me whats my favourite to go shopping for, i will easily answer BAGS. That is because i always wear one,to me a bag makes the hole outfit and even if you check in the bag you can figure out the personality.

"If you look inside a womens hand bag and it's messy,
she has a messy life"

Have you heard that "saying"before? actually my mom used to say that and since then i always kept my hand bag tidy. The worst thing is when you can't find your keys?!?!

Whats your favourite to go shopping for?
Vad är eran favorit att gå och shoppa ?
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